Saturday, August 28, 2010

Update #1

Hey Guys thanks for all the follows! I'm greatly appreciated! Ill be posting more Guides soon! Ill be starting around tomorrow with another guide! It's going to be talking about ''Flint Beastwood'' He's a fun character and i would like to share my thoughts thanks!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hereos Of Newerth Guide [Fayde]

This is a indepth guide on the workings of Fayde, One of S2's Awesome Creations! This Information here can be applied to Competitive play and Public gameplay. If the information in this Guide / Blog disagrees with you, Kindly, I Repeat, Kindly point it out as to why such information is Vague, misleading, or just outright wrong. I apologize in advance for poor wording my part, I can't articulate my thoughts on paper well.

Table of Contents
1 : Hero's Description
2 : Item Build
3 : Skill Build
4 : How to use Fayde.

1 : Fayde is a Shadow Demoness who haunts her prey by lurking in the shadows. Her Sythe Can grab anyone from anear twelve feet! The way she kill's is very silent like a ninja in the night. She likes cute cuddly puppies :D

2 : There are only six slots you can use so use them wisely!
Slot 1 : Phase boots. These make you reallt fast!
Slot 2 : Ruined Axe. This will make your attack incredibly strong!
Slot 3 : Daemonic Breastplate. This will Boost your armor and your attack speed!
Slot 4 : Iron Shield. This will reduce damage intake
Slot 5 : Behemoth's Heart. This will Boost up your health by alot ( Highly Needed! )
Slot 6 : Codex. Because you can take some peoples kills hehe!

3 : Her Skills are calculated from 1-4.
Max 1 At Level Seven.
Max 2 At Level ten
Max 3 At Level fourteen
Max 4 At Level Sixteen

4 : Fayde is a easy Hero to use. She can Easily go invisible at anytime while your getting chased by other opponents. When you go invisible No one can see you and you run really fast! Once you about to strike a hero you must attack him first to boost your damage.

This is just my short guide on one of the best heros of all time! Ill be posting more soon just wait guys thanks for reading :D